Parts Marking is a proven theft deterrent against the professional thief.

Professional thieves steal vehicles to sell them for a profit. A typical stolen vehicle is worth 3 – 4 times its total value when sold in parts.

A professional thief will therefore pass up the marked vehicle and steal an un-marked vehicle instead. Remember, to a professional thief vehicle theft is a profitable business. Chop shops won’t buy marked vehicles stolen by an amateur or careless “pro”. A marked vehicle is just not worth the risk.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) “the objective of parts marking is to allow law enforcement agencies to identify stolen vehicles or parts removed from stolen vehicles – and to deter professional thieves since they will have difficulty in marketing stolen marked parts and are more likely to get caught if they steal cars with marked parts”.

In a report to Congress, the NHTSA concluded that “Cars with marked parts had lower theft rates than expected, while those with unmarked parts had higher rates than expected”.

VIN-MARK Product and how it embeds through the multiple layers of paint on a vehicle.

Why VIN-MARK is proven to work

Removal of the imbedded application is exceptionally difficult and impossible to completely remove. In order for a professional thief to attempt to remove the VINMARK on any body part they would have to perform the following steps. First they would have to start by removing the clear coat, Second they would have to remove the layers of paint, Third they would have to attempt to remove the VINMARK from the primer and finally they would have to grind down the part to the bare metal, which would be the fourth step. This four step process would still not completely remove the VINMARK. This is why it would be worthless to the professional thief and the “chop shop”.