We are not new to the theft deterrent business. Our sister company VICE Script, LLC was founded by Milton Rodriguez 34 years ago. Being an automotive professional he felt the need to find a product that not only deterred automobile theft, but also find an additional profit center for the automotive dealer; hence VICE Script was created.

      Mr Rodriguez was the first in the country to permanently etch the vehicle’s full identification number onto the six primary windows. He then took the process a few steps further by creating a National Database, which is accessible to law enforcement and insurance companies. Mr Rodriguez has continued to maintain this database for 30+ years and has provided the Dominican Republic and our local government with information on stolen vehicles.

   The process is now used nationally and internationally by governments and local businesses, the only missing ingredient is that Mr Rodriguez did not patent that process.  Mr. Rodriguez felt so strongly that this product would deter automotive theft that he introduced the product to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and Connecticut State Police. After their study was concluded, legislation was introduced and passed in the State of Connecticut requiring all new and used automotive dealers to offer a window etch product (as long as the product was the vehicle’s full identification number, not Alpha Numeric) to all consumers purchasing a motor vehicle. The law also allowed the dealers to place the service pre-printed on all their purchase orders.

  Mr. Rodriguez some years ago started to develop a product that would conform to the “ANTI CAR THEFT ACT OF 1992” which states, “In the case of major replacement parts, the standard requires that the parts be labeled in a manner which uniquely identifies the part and its manufacturer. When either a new or replacement part is identified affixing a label, it must be done in such a manner, which is highly resistant to counterfeiting, cannot be removed in one piece, and if removed leaves a permanent mark on the previously labeled part.” 

Hence VIN-MARK was developed… The VIN-MARK product is patented in six countries and is also part of the New Connecticut Law.