Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does VINMARK utilize new technology?

No, the technology has existed and has been used by the Federal Government. What is new is the VINMARK application and its foolproof theft deterrent application.

Where is VINMARK available?

VINMARK is available at car dealers that have partnered with VINMARK.

How will the thief know that a vehicle is VINMARKed?

A warning sticker is applied to the vehicle’s window that will notify anyone that the vehicle has been protected and is secure with the VINMARK system.

Will I be able to see the application on the vehicle?

Yes, while the application labels will be visible to the naked eye during the application process, once the VIN-MARK application labels are removed the vehicle’s numeric code will be visible only when illuminated with an ultraviolet light.

Why is VINMARK so effective?

The VINMARK system permanently marks the vehicle’s numeric code on several parts of the vehicle. Any attempt to dismantle the VINMARK would be time consuming and costly to the professional thief.

How does this system prevent vehicles from being stolen?

The system is designed to deter the professional thief from stealing a vehicle because the VINMARK system will embed a permanent tamper resistant vehicle identification number into the components of a vehicle.

Will the VINMARK fade over time?

No, it is a permanent application and only grinding the paint and primer to the bare sheet metal will remove all traces of the product. This grinding will permanently damage the vehicle component, therefore alerting the authorities that the vehicle’s VIN has been altered.

How does this compare to an alarm?

Unlike an alarm the VINMARK system needs no power, no activation, or a manual to turn it off or on. The VINMARK system simply becomes part of the identification of your vehicle.

What other items can I mark with VINMARK?

Since VINMARK works on metal, fiberglass, or plastic, there are many potential applications for VINMARK; Boats, Personal Watercrafts, ATV’s, Motorcycles, Computers, Personal Documents, Fine Art, Bicycles, Home and Car Audio/Video, Recreational Vehicles and more. (We do not however recommend use on chrome).

Where can I find auto theft statistics and information?

Answer: National Insurance Crime Bureau (

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigator’s (


InvisibleVin (

ScorpionMark (

What happens to stolen vehicles?

58% of all stolen vehicles are never recovered or stripped clean for parts. With the VINMARK system, if the vehicle is ever stolen, the parts are easily identifiable and have a much higher potential of being recovered. Proving unequivocally those parts belong to that car.

What’s your return policy?

Return any of our products–no questions asked–within 30 days of purchase. We even pay return shipping.