The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, can be considered to be a vehicle’s birth certificate, with each component of the 17-digit encrypted alphanumeric sequence representing something significant about the vehicle’s origin: where and when it was made, the manufacturer, model, assembly plant, and other important authentication information.  Playing a key roll in validating the authenticity of a vehicle – car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, and boats – the VIN not only provides critical information for investigative purposes and data that an astute buyer of a used vehicle can employ to trace its history, from the assembly line to the scrap yard.

Since 1981 every vehicle manufactured in the U.S/ was given a unique I.D. number, much like a fingerprint.  The Vehicle Identification Number [VIN] is usually found on the lower right corner of the dashboard, as seen through the front windshield.  In addition to this location the VIN can also be easily found on the driver side door post as part of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Certification Standard.